Green Bedding from FAN Separator

FAN Separator GmbH was established in Westfalia, Germany in August 1986. The company develops, manufactures, and markets solid/liquid separation equipment and solutions for the mechanical and chemical-physical treatment.

FAN has succeeded in implementing their products, especially PSS separators, worldwide in the industrial and agricultural sectors through an international distribution network.

In 2004 FAN joined the Bauer-Group in order to meet future challenges alongside a strong partner.

Product range:

Bedding Recovery Unit (BRU)

NEW Green Bedding Separator

Press Screw Separator (PSS)

Centrifuge Classifier Separator (CCS)

Dissolved Air Flotation Unit (DAF)

Cavitation Microbubble Reactor (CMR)

Filter Oscillating Separator (FOS)



Pulp & Paper Industry

Food Processing Industry

Brewery Industry

Biogas Industry

Abattoirs and Meat Processing Industry

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