Green Bedding from FAN Separator

About Green Bedding

Green Bedding

Green Bedding is the use of Separated Manure Solids as a bedding material for dairy cow cubicles.

First used by Cornell University in the early 90's and now widely used in the US and Europe

In 2012 FAN Separator (a Bauer Group Company) introduced the Green Bedding Separator

The benefits of using Green Bedding include:

Always Available
Increased Cow Comfort
Reduced Hock Damage
Greater cow mobility
Cleaner Cows
Can reduce SCC/Mastitis
No Dust

What Cornell University says about Green Bedding

Using manure solids can provide an economic benefit without adversely affecting heard health.

Bacterial levels in the bedding alone are not what cause high SCC or mastitis. Management of the bedding in the stalls (cubicles) is much more important than analysing it for pathogens. Keeping stalls free of manure and urine, regardless of bedding type, will go a long way toward keeping SSC and mastitis under control.

Use a DMS system that fits into your farm's routine and one with which you are most comfortable.

Download the full report:

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